Land a job with Amazon

Land a job with Amazon

Land a job with Amazon

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How does Amazon Bound help you to prepare for interviews?

Amazon Bound helps you start a successful career with Amazon and transform your life. We teach you how to communicate expertly, like an Amazonian, during your onsite Amazon interview loop.

Apply our Interview Mental Model

Apply our Interview Mental Model

Effectively present your professional experience in the Amazon behavioral interviews.

Learn to Speak Amazonian

Learn to Speak 'Amazonian'

Confidently apply Amazon's Leadership Principles during your interview.

Interview with an Amazon Bar Raiser

Interview with an Amazon Bar Raiser

Practice with a mock Bar Raiser interview and receive a Hire/No-hire decision.

Meet your mentor

Nick Dimitrov

In 2013, Nick joined Amazon and co-founded Amazon Game Studios in a series of direct pitches to Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos. Amazon has since invested more than one billion dollars in the gaming space, by acquiring the game-streaming platform Twitch, and developing its own 3D game engine. Nick also became an Amazon Bar Raiser, one of a small and select number of Amazonians who decide whether the company should hire a job candidate or not. During his Bar-Raiser tenure, Nick has interviewed more than 350 job applicants and determined whether they raised the Amazon hiring bar.

In 2018, Nick left Amazon to start Amazon Bound, a company designed to help prepare job applicants to interview effectively with Amazon. As of May 2022, 69% of Amazon Bound's customers are hired by Amazon: a 6x higher rate than the average Amazon acceptance rate of less than 10%.

In 2020, Nick added a B2B service, called Bar Raiser, that helps companies to ship key milestones by hiring better. Bar Raiser shows and teaches our enterprise customers how to interview, evaluate, and hire quality candidates.


Nick is just superb! He has a lot of knowledge of the tech industry and is very passionate about passing on that knowledge.

Alvaro B Alvaro B.

Want to work at Amazon? Former ‘Bar Raiser’ launches startup to prepare candidates for tech giant’s grueling interview process

In his five years at Amazon, Nick Dimitrov learned a thing or two about what it takes to interview stronger and land a job with the tech giant. Despite the fact that the company now employs more than 600,000 people worldwide ..

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The Essential Course to Prepare for the Amazon Interview

Prepare for your Amazon interview with our self-service online course

  • Tick Learn about Amazon’s interview process, business and culture.
  • Tick Learn how to reach the Amazon phone-screen interview stage.
  • Tick Learn how to prepare for the behavioral and functional Amazon interview questions.
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The Premium Course to Prepare for the Amazon Interview

Prepare for your Amazon interview with our online course and personalized feedback

  • Tick Everything included in the Essential Package.
  • Tick Receive personalized feedback for 3 SOAR (Situation – Obstacle – Action – Results) responses.
  • Tick Receive personalized feedback for your Amazon written assignment.
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Best Hiring Outcomes

Premium Plus

The Complete Workshop to Prepare for the Amazon Interview

Learn the evergreen mental model of how to interview effectively with Amazon

  • Tick Everything included in the Premium Package.
  • Tick Participate in a mock interview with a former Amazon Bar Raiser.
  • Tick Receive a Hire/No-hire decision with written feedback on your interview performance.
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The Live Simulation of the Amazon Interview Loop

Participate in a simulated interview loop with former Amazon employees

  • Tick Everything included in the Premium Plus Package.
  • Tick Participate in a simulated interview loop with former Amazon employees.
  • Tick Attend your interview debrief and witness your Hire/No-hire decision.
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Your expected outcome

(as of September 7, 2023)

90% +

Not hired

Less than 10% Hired by Amazon

Average Amazon Applicant
Success Rate


Not hired


Hired by other companies like Microsoft, Google, Lyft, Tableau, etc.


Hired by Amazon within 3-4 months


Hired by Amazon immediately

Amazon Bound Applicant Applicant

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What our customers say


I got my dream job because I applied Nick’s strategies in my interview. His strategies are practical, specific, and will improve your interview game. There is no downside, only upside.

Bermet J

Bermet J.


I received fast, personalized feedback on all my submissions, which was awesome. I'd recommend doing any of the programs not just for someone looking to work at Amazon but for anyone who has interview anxiety and wants to gain more confidence in their communication skills.

Nick S

Nick S.


The assignments directly helps you answer the typical leadership questions asked during the interview. I would strongly recommend this course if you are looking to prepare for an interview with Amazon.

Karan J

Karan J.

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