Why You Must Know What Job Level Amazon Is Interviewing You For

Nick Dimitrov

Nick Dimitrov

13 Sep, 2022


It's important to know what's the job level of the Amazon open position you're interviewing for, prior to starting your interview process.

Hi, I'm Nick, a former Amazon Bar Raiser who now runs a service called Amazon Bound where we help talented job seekers to interview effectively with Amazon and other companies that practice behavioral interview methods. If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to subscribe to this channel.

In today's video, I'd like to describe why it's important to know the job level of the open position that you're interviewing with Amazon, prior to starting your interview process.

There are a number of reasons why it helps to know what your job level is. One of those reasons is that the amount of money that Amazon is going to pay you, provided that they decide to hire you, is going to be a direct function of the level of the job you're interviewing for, and that you will be hired into.

Another reason, maybe the most important reason, why you should know what the job level is, before you start your interview process, is because Amazon is going to decide whether to hire you or not as a direct function of what is the job level of that open job position.

Let me provide some context first of why that is the case. Amazon has a Hiring Bar that each candidate should exceed if they are to be hired at the company. The Hiring Bar stipulates that you should be better than the majority of other current Amazon employees, at the company. However, the bar is, as you can imagine, different depending on the level for each position.

In a hypothetical example, an interview response that you provide to an interview question could be deemed, by Amazon, to raise their Hiring Bar for a Level 5 position, or L5 as Amazon would call it. Or, it could be deemed to be at bar for a Level 6 position. Or, it could be deemed to lower the bar for an L7 (Level 7) position that Amazon is interviewing for. Therefore you, can see how the Hire vs. No-hire decision is directly informed by the level of the job opening.

So, what do you do with this information that I just gave you? That it's important to know what your job level is before you start the interview process. There are two things you can do.

One, you've got to find out what the job level is. And, in order to do so, you should ask the recruiter, the Amazon recruiter, who's working with you throughout your candidacy. In some cases, the recruiter will be open to tell you what the job level is. In other cases, they might not be so open. If they push back on giving you this information, please, reach out to us. We're pretty decent at reverse-engineering what the job level is for a job opening, depending on the job description of that opening. So, that's one: find out what the job level is.

The second thing to do, is to prepare your interview responses to raise the bar, based on the job level that you're interviewing for. There are a number of good materials online that you can use in order to help you raise the bar of your interview responses. Or, the alternative is, you can always reach out to us. And, we'll be happy to work with you and help you to elevate the bar across the portfolio of interview responses that you provide, depending on the level of the job opening you are going for.

I hope this has been useful information for you. If it is, please, subscribe to our channel. Please, ask us questions as you progress through your Amazon interview journey. Stay in touch. Chin up. You've got this. Bye, bye.

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