What kind of questions should I ask at the end of my Amazon interview?

Nick Dimitrov

Nick Dimitrov

15 June, 2020

I received the following question during one of my recent webinars:

"What kind of questions should I ask at the end of my Amazon interview?"

Here is what I think:

Usually, I like to receive one of two types of questions. No matter what the question, it needs to be deep and not a puffball question. Now, don't be antagonistic, but make sure that you are presenting something of substance and value and depth.

So, you could ask a question that reveals your functional depth and knowledge and curiosity about the products and the services that the team is building. So, for example, if you are interviewing for Amazon.com website, ask them about maybe a feature you think would be improved in the recommendations engine on the site, through your personal experience. So, that's a Type 1 question you can ask.

Different questions you can ask are cultural questions. Again, you can ask very specific and deep questions, such as: 'What are your top 3 problems right now that you are facing on the team?' Or 'What would be the most effective way for me to add value in my first 7 days on the job?' 'What would be the top 5 things I can help you with, on my to-do list, right as I join?'

Those can be a few different areas that you can consider, but whatever question, make sure that it's specific and that it's not an ingratiating question.

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Good luck.

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