Should I apply for lower-level Amazon roles than my current level?

Nick Dimitrov

Nick Dimitrov

20 August, 2020

I received the following question during one of my recent webinars:

"Is it better to apply for roles that are leveled down from your current level to match the pace at Amazon? I believe Amazon levels you down anyway."

Here is what I think:

No, don't do that. So, Amazon would calibrate your performance. I don't think that they down-level you. They have fewer levels than a lot of other companies do. Their levels and their titles are less glamorous than the titles at a lot of other companies. But Amazon is likely going to give you a stretch assignment than what you have done so far.

Do not try to go for a lower level, because you're going to be shooting yourself in the foot. You'd want to go into a role that stretches you, that teaches you both culturally about Amazon and functionally.

Now, if you have the option of going for the same role, the same level, as you currently are, or a lower level, you'd need to determine whether you're OK with the lower pay-level, as well. And if you are OK, then that's your call to make, but usually, I would suggest that you shoot for the Moon and go for the most ambitious role that you can get.

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Good luck.

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