Prepare for your Amazon Interview with our Amazon Bound Program

The Amazon Bound Podcast is dedicated to all things Amazon. Our primary focus is to help prepare job candidates to interview with Amazon. Our secondary focus is to share Amazon's cultural stories that you can apply in your business or in your personal life.

The Amazon Bound Podcast


Episode 3 - Amazon's Business and a Quiz

Amazon is in the business of building flywheel businesses. A flywheel business, as Amazon defines it, is one that provides so much value and delight to customers that after a certain inflection point, the flywheel business reaches sufficient critical mass and starts accelerating faster and faster, under its own momentum. | Read more

Episode 2 - Welcome to our Podcast

If I asked you, right now, what was your most valuable asset. How would you respond? Would you tell me it's your home? Or your 401k? Your bank accounts? Something else? The answer is simple. If you are younger than, say, 60 - your most valuable asset is your Human Capital. | Read more

Episode 1 - Coming Soon: Amazon Bound

It is early 2013. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO and presently the richest man in the world is having a tense meeting with a dozen high-ranking Amazon employees. In early 2013, however, Bezos was not the world’s richest man (not by a long shot,) and his now mighty Amazon was worth a mere $120B, at the time; as much as what Adobe or Honeywell are worth today. | Read more