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as of December 1, 2019

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"The Essential Course to Prepare for the Amazon Interview is a very helpful course. Great content, well organized, and helpful insights. The assignments are lengthy but worthwhile to do and the quizzes are good summaries of each section. The instructor provides feedback on all assignments and engages each student personally. Highly recommended for anyone looking to interview with Amazon."

- Nick Sibran, Seattle, WA; customer of "The Essential Course to Prepare for the Amazon Interview"

"This was a very useful workshop. I learned a lot about Amazon and their hiring process. I thought I already had a good idea regarding the Amazon interview questions and how they correlated to other Big Tech hiring practices. I found out during the workshop that I was wrong: the hands-on exercises and Nick’s insights were invaluable. I learned more in one day than I would have in months of Internet research. Most importantly, I gained hands-on knowledge by completing all exercises and case studies."

- Heather Lin, Redmond, WA; customer of "The Complete Workshop to Prepare for the Amazon Interview"

"An eye-opening experience that would help candidates who want to interview with Amazon. Nick is knowledgeable and passionate to get you immersed in Amazon’s culture and leadership principles. It’s a day-long event so make sure to come prepared with your assigned homework. I highly recommend this workshop!"

- Edward Ventura, Seattle, WA; customer of "The Complete Workshop to Prepare for the Amazon Interview"

"The Amazon interview simulation was intense! I had chosen to “interview” for an open TPM position in the AWS group. I interviewed with Nick and four current Amazon employees who Nick had selected based on my experience and background. Subsequently, after the interview I watched them debrief as they deliberated if I should be "hired." I learned a lot, seeing myself through alternate perspectives and feel this simulation helped prepare me to interview at Amazon."

- Seth Sanusi, Seattle, WA, customer of "The live Simulation of the Amazon Interview loop"

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