New Amazon Work from Home Policy

Nick Dimitrov

Nick Dimitrov

13 Oct, 2021


Andy Jassy, Amazon's CEO, recently outlined brand new updates to Amazon's work from home policy.

Hello, I'm Nick Dimitrov, a former Amazon Bar Raiser and I wanted to publish a quick Part 2, a quick update to the video we recently released about interviewing and working from home for remote Amazon job openings.

And, the reason for this update is that Amazon just recently, just yesterday, released a note by Andy Jassy, the Amazon CEO, where Jassy outlines brand new updates to the Amazon work from home policy. And even though these updates are open to interpretation, I think by design, there's useful information there that corroborates what we shared with you in our previous video.

Specifically, Jassy mentions how almost any Amazon employee can now work from home in an indefinite fashion, as long as the employee receives permission to do so from their Director-level manager. And, as long as that employee is available to arrive to the office for an in-person meeting within a day after the notice to arrive. So, as long as you can make it to the Amazon office location within a day by train, plane, boat, or automobile, you should effectively be able to work from anywhere. Meaning, you can effectively apply for any role within the US that you would love to see yourself in, as long as you have the right work authorization within the US, and the new Amazon work from home policy should be able to accommodate that.

Now, I am sure it's not going to be that easy and that cut and dry, in the real situation with the job postings out there. But you should, as I had mentioned to you, check with your Recruiter and with your Hiring Manager and inquire whether you could apply for any opening that you're interested in, and still work from home, and still do so remotely.

So, as indicated in our earlier video, this new work from home policy only amplifies the validity of you being able to interview and apply for any role, any Amazon role across the US. And, you should ideally be able to work from home for that role, as long as you raise the Amazon bar, and as long as Amazon hires you.

Again, triple-check with the Hiring Manager and the Recruiter if that is indeed the case, but most importantly: don't hold yourself back. The new Amazon work from home policy as of early October 2021 accommodates work from home scenarios in a way unseen before at Amazon and that should only improve your chances of interviewing and applying to roles which would have been previously inaccessible to you.

Best of luck. Stay in touch. You got this. Bye.

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