Mock interview service for Microsoft, Google, and other behavioral-interview companies

Nick Dimitrov

Nick Dimitrov

1 April, 2022


Today's video is for those of you who interview with companies, other than Amazon, that practice behavioral interview methods.

Hi, I'm Nick.

And today's video is for those of you who interview with companies, other than Amazon, that practice behavioral interview methods. These are companies like Google and Microsoft, Facebook and Airbnb; pretty much anyone who employs behavioral interview methods, other than Amazon.

Our service, Amazon Bound, is primarily helping customers who interview for open positions at Amazon, but Amazon does not have a monopoly on the behavioral interview methods. So, for all of you who are interviewing with other companies, we do have services, that would be of value to you as well.

One particular service that comes to mind is, what we call, 'The Mock Interview with an Amazon Bar Raiser.' For other companies, instead of the Bar Raiser, this would be the person who's in charge of running the interview debrief, and who has the largest impact and influence over the final hiring decision.

The mock interview service that we offer, usually takes about 3 hours. The first hour is taken by the simulated interview itself where I would be the Bar Raiser and I would put on a simulation hat, as if we've never met, and I would take you through what it feels like to be interviewed at a company that practices behavioral interview methods.

During the second hour, I would step away and prepare my Hire or No-hire feedback with written recommendation of which way I lean, based on your behavioral performance. And during the third hour, we get back in the video-conferencing room, and I would share my screen with you. And I would walk you through the behaviorally justified data, illustrations, and analysis, which the Amazon Bar Raiser, or the Microsoft As-app interviewer, or other interview decision owners go through in order to determine whether you raise the bar or not. And the methods that they use in order to convince the rest of the loop if you would be a good hire for the position.

So, if this would be a useful service for you, please, enroll via the following link: Mock Bar Raiser interview and debrief.

And, best of luck with your interview journeys.

You've got this. Bye.

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