How should I prepare for the Amazon Marketing interview?

Nick Dimitrov

Nick Dimitrov

12 Oct, 2021


How to get ready for the Marketing functional interview loop at Amazon.

Hello from sunny Seattle. I'm Nick, a former Amazon Bar Raiser and today we will talk about how to get ready for the Marketing functional interview loop at Amazon. I should preface what I say next by underscoring that the most important part of your interview process would be the behavioral interview questions. You should get ready for those by studying the Amazon Leadership Principles, the 16 Leadership Principles, and matching them to your experiences - both accomplishments and failures. And make sure that you have good answers prepared that illustrate these Leadership Principles across the board.

We help with that in the different packages that we offer on our site, but now, without further delay let me jump into helping along with some thoughts of what you could expect during your Marketing interview.

The Marketing role-playing, functional questions that you're going to hear would be based on hypothetical scenarios where you'd be asked to imagine how you would resolve a certain problem. Things like: how would you determine the pricing of a certain product. How would you determine the strategy, the go-to-market strategy, when you launch a brand new device or a brand new service to the customer? How would you segment the audiences that a new product would appeal to? How would you launch a brand new service in a new Amazon territory, where the service might have been launched in a different country but now you're launching it in a brand new territory for the very first time.

Don't be afraid to be specific and to come up with very concrete answers. Produce all the assumptions that you need for your answer on your own. Display what those assumptions are, walk the interviewer through your thought process and come up with the answer. Now, ask for clarification if it's helpful to you. Don't overdo it - maybe ask for one or two clarification questions then after that start producing the assumptions on your own and produce the answer as well.

A couple of key points for the Marketing interview is that the Amazon culture tends to be very scrappy. It tends to be very frugal. So, when you come from maybe a more classic type of Marketing culture where you would have access to a lot of surveys and expert help and consultants, and so on, and so forth. That might not necessarily be the case at Amazon. That's not to say that Amazon is not going to give you the resources that you need but they would expect you as a Marketer to come up with solutions that are more innovative than: I would go to a certain agency XYZ and ask them to solve the problem for me. Do not come up with these types of answers. Those types of answers might be considered lazy thinking, conventional type of answers by a lot of your Amazon interviewers.

So, come up with interesting, unproven answers. Do not worry about your answers being 100% correct. As long as you, again, showcase your logic and display what are the assumptions that you're making, in order to come up with the specific answer, the interviewer is going to respect that. And even if you provide a response that is incorrect, they're going to correct your response. And they're going to engage in a conversation with you, in order to help push you along down one path or another.

So, again, to recap, focus on your behavioral questions and answers first and foremost. They're going to comprise the majority of your interview questions during your interview loop. And, then secondly, when it comes to Marketing functional/role-playing questions, expect questions along the lines of: how would you price a project, how would you launch a new service, how would you segment customer segments for a brand new Amazon product, so on and so forth. Don't worry about being right all the time. Go on a limb. Showcase your responses, be courageous and bold, and the rest is going to take care of itself.

I hope this helps. Best of luck to you in your Amazon Marketing interview. Bye bye.

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