The Complete Workshop to Prepare for the Amazon Interview

An Experiential Workshop to Prepare and Present your Professional Autobiography in a Crystal-clear way During the Amazon Interview

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If I asked you, right now, what was your most valuable asset… How would you respond? Would you tell me it’s your home? Or your 401k? Your bank accounts?

I think the answer is simple. If you are younger than 60 – your most valuable asset is your Human Capital. What I refer to as Human Capital is the present value of your future professional earnings from the current point in time to the end of your career. Human Capital quantifies your opportunity cost and gives you an unbiased framework to make future tradeoff decisions. Should you start a business? Should you invest in the stock market? Something else?

These are all valid choices, but how about a wholly different option? How about becoming a full-time Amazon employee?

Becoming an Amazonian means that you will get the chance to work on incredibly ambitious projects and build a rewarding professional career (and, as a by-product, earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe a million or more.)

In other words, becoming a full-time Amazon employee is a no-brainer when it comes to investing in your Human Capital. And that is where I can be of service to you: I know Amazon’s culture and can share actionable advice to help you get employed there, if you really wanted to take that leap.

The Complete Workshop to Prepare for the Amazon Interview

"The Complete Workshop to Prepare for the Amazon Interview" is a laser-focused exercise that will help you prepare and present your professional autobiography in a crystal-clear way that Amazon will understand and appreciate.

More specifically, The Complete Workshop will help you craft your professional experience via Amazon’s behavioral SOAR (Situation-Obstacle-Action-Results) interview format. You will participate in Leadership-Principle case studies and describe your top professional accomplishments and failures in the SOAR output. You will also present your accomplishments to other workshop participants and learn by doing, with instant feedback of what works and what to improve.

In addition, you will participate in a hands-on exercise of how to effectively prepare the written sample that Amazon expects from senior-level applicants prior to their interview.


Lastly, I will interview one candidate per workshop, as an Amazon Bar Raiser would, in a live Amazon interview. The live interview section of The Complete Workshop concludes with a “hire” or a “no-hire” recommendation, as practiced by Amazon. I will clearly explain the rationale for the recommendation and coach you on how to improve your interview outcome.

This type of coaching is helpful because Amazon does not provide official interview feedback to rejected candidates. In contrast, during The Complete Workshop, you will receive constructive and safe feedback, where the outcome won't count against you.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on in, and let's learn how to interview effectively with Amazon by going through this experiential workshop together.

"An eye-opening experience that would help candidates who want to interview with Amazon. Nick is knowledgeable and passionate to get you immersed in Amazon’s culture and leadership principles. It’s a day-long event so make sure to come prepared with your assigned homework. I highly recommend this workshop!"

- Edward Ventura, Seattle, WA; customer of "The Complete Workshop to Prepare for the Amazon Interview"

"Nick was great. We started out by going over Amazon’s culture, followed by insights from a guest Amazon speaker. We then did case study work - discussing our top 20 professional accomplishments in the Amazon vernacular. In the second half of the day we practiced responding to Amazon’s written interview questions. Nick interviewed one of us live, wrote extensive interview feedback, showed us his written feedback and discussed how Amazon would assess the example candidate. Overall Nick’s workshop was very well organized. He clearly cares about delivering a quality experience. I would recommend this experience to Amazon candidates, but also to anyone interested in improving their corporate interviewing skills."

- Seth Sanusi, Seattle, WA, customer of "The Complete Workshop to Prepare for the Amazon Interview"

Your Instructor

Nick Dimitrov
Nick Dimitrov

Hi! I’m Nick.

In 2013, I joined Amazon and co-founded Amazon Game Studios in a series of direct pitches to Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos. Amazon has since invested more than one billion dollars in the gaming space, by acquiring the game-streaming platform Twitch, developing its own 3D game engine (called Lumberyard,) and building top-budget games in its internal studios.

I also became an Amazon Bar Raiser, one of that small number of Amazonians who decide whether the company should hire a job candidate or not. In my three-year tenure as a Bar Raiser, I interviewed more than 350 job applicants and determined whether they raised the Amazon hiring bar.

In 2018, I left Amazon and $1M+ in deferred stock compensation to start a new company: Amazon Bound, to help prepare job applicants to interview effectively with Amazon.

Building anything worthwhile from scratch is scary but is also exciting and formative.

The future is now. This is the time to be a dragon.

Class Curriculum

  LIVE EVENT: The Complete Workshop to Prepare for the Amazon Interview
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Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Workshop start and finish?
Your instructor will book a time that works best with your schedule. By enrolling in this Workshop, you have also gained lifetime access to "The Essential Course to Prepare for the Amazon Interview." It is important that you complete the material from this course, prior to the start of the Workshop, which will help you hit the ground running and have a successful Workshop experience. You will find this preparatory course content (video lectures, quizzes, and assignments) in the PRE-WORK section of the Workshop curriculum. Thank you!
Do I have to prepare anything in advance of the Workshop?
Yes. You need to complete the following preparatory work prior to the beginning of the Workshop: 1) email your latest resume to the instructor; 2) email an open Amazon job req to the instructor, for which you want to interview; and 3) complete the preparatory content (video lectures, quizzes, and assignments) in the PRE-WORK section of the Workshop curriculum.
What if I am unhappy with the Workshop?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within 30 days of the end of the Workshop and we will give you a full refund.

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