3 Do's and Don'ts when you prepare to interview with Amazon

Nick Dimitrov

Nick Dimitrov

18 April, 2022


I'd like to talk about a certain mental mindset that can help as you prepare to interview with Amazon and other companies.

Hi, I'm Nick. I run Amazon Bound where we help talented job seekers interview effectively with Amazon and other companies that practice behavioral interview techniques.

In today's video, I'd like to talk about a certain mental mindset that can help you as you prepare to interview and you interview with Amazon and other companies.

So, particularly there are three to-do's that I would suggest you take care of, in order to improve the likelihood of success.

One, you should definitely prepare. Prepare, prepare, prepare! That's the middle name of the game. Going through the Amazon interview is likely going to be one of the more challenging professional experiences that you will ever go through and it could be quite daunting. It's very important that you study about the Amazon Leadership Principles. It's very important that you understand what those Principles are, that you prepare your accomplishments and failures ahead of time with the STAR/SOAR framework. We have a whole separate set of lectures and videos on our site that you can use in order to prepare well. But the first major item that you should arm yourself with is preparation.

The second most important item to keep in mind is to relax during the interview. Just be yourself. After you have spent a week, or two, or three, in preparing, the time has come to just be yourself. And to relax. It's daunting, again, to think about what those Amazon interview questions are going to be like. You should exhale - this is just a set of interviews. A while ago, I interviewed a former Amazon recruiter who gave an excellent advice about yawning before you start each interview. Scientifically, it turns out that when we yawn, we relax. So, relax before the interviews.

Before the day of the interview, go do something fun with the important people in your life. Do something you enjoy. Then during the interview - relax. You've done the best you can. You've prepared well. Yawn before each interviewer and step in and just be yourself.

And, the third important element to keep in mind when you interview with Amazon, or any other one of these big tech firms, is to just trust their process. Often I hear from customers who are devastated when they receive a No-hire decision from Amazon. And, while without doubt, this can be a very disheartening proposition, you should invert your viewpoint.

It doesn't matter if you were recycled or if you were no-hired outright. Think of it from the point of view that you are yourself. You're putting your best foot forward. You were prepared, you were relaxed. And, yet they didn't choose you. So, think of it from the point of view of taking a step back before you take two steps forward.

The Amazon interview team thought that if you joined them, that might not be a good fit both for the company and for you. That doesn't mean that you are any less of a stellar professional. It means that this particular job wasn't a good fit. So, going forward, you can either interview with Amazon, at a future point, and continue to want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Or say that, 'Hey, they are not a good fit for me.' Irrespective of what you decide to do, think of the No-hire decision as potentially a blessing in disguise.

So, to recap again, getting yourself ready and performing well during the Amazon interview requires three elements, among others. One, prepare, prepare, prepare. Two, relax and be yourself during the interview. And, three, if you are not hired, don't think that it's the end of the world. Think of it as an opportunity in disguise and move your career forward in the best way possible.

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Best of luck. You got this. Bye.

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