Thoughts about Amazon's Culture

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Words Matter: Amazon's Addiction to Clarity and Disdain for PowerPoint

Words matter at Amazon. They are the sentinels who ensure that a culture with a relentless push for clarity, indeed remains clear and specific. When you want to convince anyone of anything, at Amazon, you write a narrative (an up-to-six-pages-long essay.) In meetings, people spend the first...


Social Cohesion vs Truth-Seeking

Amazon hates social cohesion and loves truth-seeking. Social cohesion means accepting an argument or a viewpoint that you disagree with, for the sake of avoiding conflict. Truth-seeking means the opposite: pressing on with an issue until the truth (to the best extent possible) becomes...


At Amazon, Output Matters more than Input

At Amazon, output matters more than input. Amazon refers to 'output' as the results you achieve, while 'input' means how hard you work to achieve these results. To put it bluntly, nobody at Amazon cares about your input. Nobody cares about how hard you work, or how late you stay, or how many...